Hi, I’m Carl Bjurling


Welcome to my place on the web. This is where i collect my essays, opinions and collection of thoughts and inspirations. Most of what you’ll find here will be in the intersection of business strategy, brands, marketing and communication. 

Subject to change

I’m currently exploring, developing insights and sharing thoughts around change processes. As mega-trends such as digitalization and sustainability puts pressure on corporations and societies, business models, strategies and ways of working will have to adapt. The dynamic of these rapid changes forces us to approach them based on insight of our history, resources and values.       

Marketing and communication

My experience span over several areas. Primarily I’ve been working with strategic marketing and communication. Most of the time I find myself in the intersection of business development, analysis and strategic development that leads to  new ways of working and communicating.

Content strategies

One of my areas of expertise is content strategies for corporations, i.e. content marketing and editorial communication. I was founder and CEO of one of the first in-house corporate media initiatives in Sweden, the form of economic news channel EFN.se which is a subsidiary to Handelsbanken AB.

About this page

Updates on carlbjurling.se are random at best. I write in English or Swedish, also random. Essays circles around the intersection of business strategy, brand strategy, digitalization, communication, corporate narratives and other things that might interest me. Usually very long form oriented – sometimes i TL:DR intro’s, but usually not, but might explore short formats in the future.  

Over time, updates might be more frequent but in this realm, there’s no plan – just exploration and testing.

The 6 Most popular essays on carlbjurling.se since the start in august 2016

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  5. Bundling and unbundling, the cycle of business
  6. Använd kraften i ditt varumärke för att skapa förändring

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